About trade between UZBEKISTAN and Japan

The main items exported from Japan to Uzbekstan are "machinery / transportation equipment" and "industrial products".
Speaking of Uzbekstan dishes, lamb meat dishes are the main dishes, but it is said that there are parts that are similar to the taste of Japanese people, such as rice dishes and noodle dishes.
Conversely, it can be said that Japanese food may also be accepted.
I would like to expect the advancement of various "Japanese foods" as well as typical sushi and ramen.

About transportation between Japan and UZBEKISTAN

There are three routes to this destination: via Georgia (POTI), via Russia (VLADIVOSTOK), and via China (Lianyungang), but all routes are quite crowded and the arrival schedule of cargo cannot be read.
In the future, the route from Iran (B.ABBAS) is likely to attract attention.

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